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In 1997 Ron Perrin established RON PERRIN WATER TECHNOLOGIES.  He is currently the general manager.  The compamy inspects and cleans water storage tanks and towers.  Underwater cameras, remotely operated vehicles and when needed commercialy certified divers are used to inspect and clean potable water storage tanks and towers.  Underwater inspection & cleaning methods developed by Ron Perrin since 1993 have saved millions of gallons of treated drinking water.   Today in the U.S. if you live in some places you have great water and others may be barely drinkable.  "The Clean Water Tank Project" and find out what is being done  See: www.cleanwatertankproject.com  Ron Perrins cpmpany web site is: www.ronperrin.com https://www.youtube.com/user/RonPerrin  CBS News Story:

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Scuba Diving, Motorcycle Touring, Fishing, and business development. See my new web site at www.watertankinspection.com. I am an advocate for clean, safe tap water See: www.cleanwatertankproject.com Former Master Peace Officer (84-06). Now a Member of the Blue Knights LE Motorcycle Club.